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Medical Peer Review in the News

  • Oct 17, 2006 - Jay Schindler, MD, a neurosurgeon, won a major victory today when the Defendants Motion for Summary Judgment under HCQIA was DENIED (as to the relevant parties) today in his federal lawsuit in Wisconsin.

    Jay is a really credible, honest and driven physician. Patient care is his passion in life and he was frankly a victim of his own success, being shammed only because he was more efficient and productive than his competitors. His ouster was based essentially on a single complicated case. He and his wife Jean have fought courageously against the powerful defendants in his case and today it paid off.

  • July 21, 2006 - State High Court Holds Doctor’s Suit Against Hospital Was SLAPP California's High Court Upheld the Dismissal of a suit brought by Dr. Kibler's against Norhern Inyo Hospital

  • February 2006 - Many Perversions of the Peer Review Process - SMCMA Bulletin

  • September 2005 - Fla. Physicians, Plaintiffs Lawyers Battle Over Med-Mal Discovery  -impact on the outcome of malpractice litigation -- as well as on the ability of hospitals and their medical staffs to conduct physician peer review

  • Court Rules on Notice Under HCQIA for Staff Privilege Revocation
    The Georgia state Supreme Court ruled March 6 that the Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA) does not require that doctors receive "formal and precise" reasons before revocation of staff privileges, nor does it limit the number and scope of reasons given by a hospital. Unfortunately, the decision reverses a lower state Court of Appeals decision. The lower court previously held that the Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Inc., was not shielded by HCQIA immunity when it revoked James A. Davenport's medical staff privileges, because it was unclear whether Davenport was given adequate notice of the reasons for the revocation.

    Source: Northeast George Medical Center Inc. v. Davenport; GA., No. S99G1082, March 6, 2000


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